General Plan Amendment 2040

Existing Land Use Diagram

Existing Land Use Diagram (Click for PDF)

Proposed Land Use Diagram

Proposed Land Use Diagram (Click for PDF)

Project Description

The City of Modesto is amending its General Plan.  The Master Environmental Impact Report, which is the companion document to the General Plan, will also be updated as part of the project.  Project objectives are as follows:

  1. Comply with new State and Federal laws;
  2. Increase acreage for Business Park and related revenue-generating and jobs-producing land use types within the Sphere-of-Influence to promote economic development;
  3. Provide improved transportation alternatives, including transit, bicycle & pedestrian facilities;
  4. Facilitate an improved mix of land uses to reduce vehicle miles traveled by locating residential land uses close to employment, retail and services;
  5. Promote infill development;
  6. Provide framework for intensified development in Modesto’s downtown area;
  7. Align Modesto’s land use and transportation goals and policies;
  8. Establish a realistic set of assumptions for infrastructure needs and funding;
  9. Facilitate complete, safe and walkable neighborhoods;
  10. Provide for a variety of transportation options;
  11. Promote equitable, affordable housing;
  12. Support existing neighborhoods / communities; and,
  13. Maintain the 1995 General Plan and Sphere-of-Influence boundaries upon adoption of the 2040 General Plan Amendment.

New goals, policies and exhibits that support and promote these project objectives have been written into the draft General Plan amendment documentation.  The draft Master Environmental Impact Report contains the analyses required by the California Environmental Quality Act.

Project Status

The formal public hearings toward adoption of the General Plan Amendment 2040 project, along with certification of the Master Environmental Impact Report update, was heard at the regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting on Monday, January 28, 2019. The City Council considered the Planning Commission’s recommendation for the project on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.